Having a strong brand helps define your business. At UpShift we have a proven process to help you understand the marketing potential of your business and define your brand.

We can help you with a new brand or refresh and existing one. The most important thing is to involve us at the start. Developing a unique, memorable and engaging brand can lead to otherwise un-tapped rewards for customer engagement and retention, leading to a more stable and consistent business model that will help your businesses grow.

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Key members of our team have worked with some top brand strategists so have been exposed to the importance of a clearly defined process. This is only the beginning and often our clients go on a journey with us to discover their businesses personality and where it sits within the marketplace.

Once we have identified the brand’s position amongst its competitors we can start the creative process to develop a visual manifestation of the brand that makes it stand out from the crowd and engages with the target audience.